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There are laws in place to keep this country a safe and fair one. However, people don’t always comply with those laws. Their actions often cause physical and emotional harm.

Here at Winfrey Employment and Civil Rights, we believe that everyone deserves their basic human rights. A civil rights attorney in Nashville and Memphis can work towards protecting your rights and getting restitution for unfair treatment.

What is a Civil Rights Violation?

The US Constitution protects certain rights and freedoms, as do some federal laws. Some civil rights violations include the following:

  • Discrimination by an employer that involves inequality or harassment
  • Misconduct on behalf of the government that causes injuries to your liberty, property, or life
  • Police brutality that involves excessive force or abuse of power
  • Discriminating against someone based on their race, ethnicity, color, or nationality

When someone violates those rights, there are consequences. You can explain your situation to a lawyer. Then they can tell you whether or not there was a civil rights violation and what you can do to achieve justice.

Examples of Laws Protecting Civil Rights

If you want to know the laws that protect your civil rights, you should read the Constitution. For example, the First Amendment protects your freedom of speech and religion. The Fourth Amendment gives you protection from illegal searches by police as well as excessive and deadly force by police.

The Eighth Amendment keeps you safe from cruel and unusual punishment issued by the federal government. Finally, the Fourteenth Amendment protects you from the government violating your right to due process.

In addition to finding these laws in the Constitution, you can also find civil rights laws in federal government legislation. One commonly violated law is Title VII. This law makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against employees or to harass them. Although the law protects from discrimination based on race, religion, and sex, it also applies to disability, age, and pregnancy status.

Another law gives you the ability to sue the government for violating your rights. Regardless of your situation, you shouldn’t allow the injustice to continue. Working with a lawyer could take you one step closer to justice.

Excessive Force Violations

Many people come into contact with the police. And although most police officers have a high regard for your safety, some of them violate your rights. They might use excessive force in an effort to arrest you.

In some cases, excessive force can cause an injury. In other cases, the incident causes death. Either way, you can take legal action. The police need to use reasonable force to get you into custody. Anything more than that is excessive force, and is against the law.

Receiving Compensation for a Civil Rights Violation

When you take legal action against someone who violates your civil rights, you can seek compensation for damages. However, that compensation does vary greatly. The amount you receive depends on the laws that were violated and the specific details of your case.

Here are some of the common types of damages awarded in civil rights cases:

  • Lost earnings, medical expenses, and decreased earning ability
  • Emotional distress and pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages, which is applicable for cases that involve reckless or malicious behavior
  • Lawyer fees that are a result of the violation

Typically, the more serious the violation, the higher the compensation. This is also true for the length of the violation. When you go to trial, the court will consider the details of your case. Then, they will decide on a fair amount of compensation.

Do You Need a Civil Rights Attorney in Tennessee?

Civil rights cases can be extremely complex. Understanding the laws involves experience and in-depth knowledge of civil rights law. If you believe that you could be a victim of a violation, you should contact our office. We know the many challenges that come with the violation of rights. Furthermore, we know how confusing the situation might be. We take the time to explain the process to you and to go over your options.

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